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Eureka Works  - Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

Ongoing data collection of energy metrics is key to containing costs. Databases, spreadsheets, smart meters and other sources monitor ongoing energy usage.

Cloud hosted reporting integrates data on demand. Understanding information can significantly reduce carbon footprint. With integration technology, data can be collected, for secured users to view in near real time.

An overview of the potential for energy reporting can be provided as part of an assessment of your organisation's energy reporting potential

Eureka Works, Australia Corp is a business that has an administration building in one city, and a transport depot in another.  The organisation has decided to reduce it's carbon footprint with a number of energy efficiency projects:

- Investing in renewable energy generation based on a site survey and analysis of suitable generation sources for the particular needs and location

- Commissioning a whole system design energy efficiency assessment with a view to updating its buildings with new technologies and meters

- Replacing its existing petrol driven fleet of light industrial to hydrogen, electric and hybrid vehicles.

Eureka Works Reports

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