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We at Trac-Car think Climate Change has to be addressed urgently.

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For data exchange about climate projects, science and economics, information models are absolutely essential to deploy public information sharing by geographic location.

Trac-Car is designing a Climate Cloud to link climate projects, science, economics and finance workflows on a searchable public data cloud.

The deployment of real-time global climate information sharing can provide dissemination of local knowledge from hands-on experience, as well as established climate science. Most countries are responding to climate change with specific activities addressing agriculture, horticulture, silviculture, and aquaculture as well as improvements to local ecosystems.  

Knowledge sharing and collaboration across organisations is key. 


Trac-Car was the winner of an RTCC inaugural Sustainable Technology award,  presented at the United Nations Climate Change COP19 conference Warsaw, November 2013

A Climate Cloud can provide for online applications and processing of climate project financing



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Time is valuable for cost effective business transition

An intelligent, incisive technology audit in the context of industry best practice is an effective way to move ahead of the curve. An initial overview of whole system design, existing technology and current usage patterns can provide a baseline for the development of new technology. 

Trac-Car's model based framework can greatly speed delivery of technology projects, providing a faster response to competing stakeholder demands. - Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement

The following is a brief demonstration of analytics for greenhouse gas emissions monitoring & energy efficiency on public & private cloud platforms.

Greenhouse Emissions Reporting: Energy insight for greenhouse emissions

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